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Digital Shelf Monitoring Made Easy

SKUWITY automates the process of monitoring your digital shelf, delivering a complete snapshot of your product assortment's presentation across major online retailers - and allowing you to act quickly when issues arise. Why? Because as a brand selling across multiple retail channels, you need to ensure that your products are presented accurately online. Incorrect pricing, out-of-stock SKUs and inaccurate product content lead directly to a loss of revenue if left uncorrected.

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SKUWITY monitors the following key performance indicators:

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Product Availability

Is my product available at the correct URL? SKUWITY checks product display page URLs to alert you to missing or redirected listings.

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Product Content Accuracy

Is each retail site leveraging accurate and approved product content? SKUWITY shows you how your content (images, title, descriptions, etc.) appears from retailer to retailer.

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Customer Reviews

How many reviews or customer questions does my product have? SKUWITY lets you monitor customer engagement so you can address concerns or push for more reviews.

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Are my prices listed accurately? SKUWITY gives you a real-time snapshot of pricing per retail site so you can easily flag inconsistencies or make changes as required.

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Offers and Promotions

Are my current promotions listed correctly? SKUWITY lets you monitor offers and promotions across retail sites to ensure planned promotions launch in an accurate and timely manner.

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Competitor Price Monitoring

How are other brands or retailers pricing similar products? SKUWITY offers competitor price monitoring to give you an edge when it comes to offering the best price.

Automatically monitor your digital shelf, your way.

Upon upload of your product data, SKUWITY immediately provides a full snapshot of your product assortment's presentation across top retail websites. Collect, store, monitor and report on key product performance data and optimize for higher conversion. Add team members, measure performance from multiple retail sites, and use insights to craft your eCommerce strategy.

· Real-Time Monitoring

· Multi-Site Configuration

· User-Friendly Interface

· Scalable Solution

Why Automate Your Product Monitoring?

For a company with thousands of SKUs, or who is selling through a number of retail partners, manual digital shelf monitoring is a tedious and near-impossible task. By automating your digital shelf analytics, SKUWITY not only provides real-time data for all of your products within seconds - it also gives you your time back to focus on improving their performance.

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- FAQ -

Find the answers to frequently asked questions or reach out with your own.

· What is digital shelf monitoring?

Digital shelf monitoring enables you to track the presentation and performance of your products across the retail websites in which they appear. This process flags errors or inconsistencies in your content so they can easily be fixed.

· What retailers are monitored by SKUWITY?

With SKUWITY, you can monitor your products across major online retailers including Walmart, Amazon, Costco, Instacart, Loblaws, Metro, Voilà, Save on Foods and more.

· How does SKUWITY find my products?

Product information is uploaded to SKUWITY through the user interface. SKUWITY then finds your product listing URLs in order to monitor relevant, trackable information.

· Can I change my payment plan?

Yes! SKUWITY is a scalable program - as product catalogues grow or change, update your plan accordingly.

· Can I export and share reports with the rest of my team?

All monitored products and their related reports can be exported and shared with your wider team. SKUWITY also offers multi-team reporting so that anyone from your organization who needs to access the platform can do so.

· Is SKUWITY right for me?

SKUWITY is designed for any company who sells products online and is ideal for those who have multiple SKUs or who sell through a number of retail sites. Want to make sure SKUWITY is right for you? Start with a free 7-day trial.

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